Case Studies

Shopify Interactive Custom Product Bundle Page

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Doughees is a Miami-based company that sells fully cooked, ready-to-eat cookie cups stuffed with variety of flavors such as fudge brownies, cookies and cream, salted caramel, guava, rainbow cake, pecan pie. They have been featured in different media such as QVC, People Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and Refinery 29. 

The Challenge

They set up their online store on Shopify and wanted to add a custom functionality where their customers can build their own cookie boxes in 6, 12 or 24. 

WMD Solution

Since this kind of customization is outside the Shopify standards, Doughees hired us to perform the task. Due to the variety of the flavors, we decided that having an interactive custom bundle page where their customers can pick and choose their flavors would be the best approach. Therefore, we customized their product page and called it “Build A Box”. 


The new customized product page displays all the flavors with their names and images on one side and the display of the order on the other site. Their customers can simply click the image of the cookie they like and it will show up on the product page so they know what they have chosen and how many more they can add. They have the option to de-select and choose another cookie instead. We also customized their Cart and Checkout page to show the complete order so their customers can double check and make sure everything is correct before placing the order.