We Make Amazing Things Together

WMD works with companies that are purpose-driven. We begin with the concept phase and develop through audits utilizing interviews, research, and surveys to generate an audience, insights, and positioning in the competitive landscape. We move into the second phase of design where we deliver assets, equities, identity, mission, positioning, solutions, and systems that stand out and are fully integrated. Lastly, we rigorously monitor and test the performance from concept to design to ensure real results.



WMD learns what our clients do and how we can create tools for connection and growth in dynamic and accessible ways.



WMD builds brands with diverse systems and inclusive designs for all people no matter their culture, background, and abilities.



Measuring and monitoring the behavior with tested tools to collect data and create demand driven growth.

In a user-centric world we create value earlier and more reliably.

WMD is committed to building and supporting an inclusive community of entrepreneurs and those who seek out their life calling. In every industry, we partner with the most relevant solutions and tools to discover new effective ways that grow your market share and presence through human connection.
We approach every project through the giant windows of perception to brilliantly illuminate and unlock potential audiences, backgrounds, and cultures. We develop insights and uncover new strategies. There is no inspiration without collaborating with the client, we consider our work impregnable, peer backed, and will carry you to new opportunties. We approach every project to an audience through a purpose and human connection.

Branding for your Tribe and Vibe 

We brand for the new economy; centered around sustainability, thriving on 
collaboration, backed by inclusive design, and ingrained in creativity. 

We love bringing ideas to life and learn new things every day. Our goal is to offer the best high-quality content: illustrations, photos, icons, mockups, and graphics.


Famous for creating long-lived typefaces marked by high performance and high style, WMD creates the fonts that help shape the world’s foremost institutions, publications, causes, and brands.

UI Elements

WMD presents unique design elements with a detailed guide around the inspirational style, its purpose, and the core values we place behind it.