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B2C Custom Candle SEO and Google Ads Case Study

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Launched in 2017, a customizable candle company located in Miami, Florida was looking to expand their business online through their eCommerce website. Besides social media, they wanted to optimize their website and use Google Ads as one of the main vehicles to drive sales online.

The Challenge

Since the company was relatively new and they were unfamiliar with Google Ads, they needed the help of the experts, so they hired WMD, a Google Ads certified agency. As a new company, Google Ads could be overwhelming, especially for a young company where you need to watch how and where you spend.

WMD Solution

WMD met both co-founders and discussed their business, expectations, and goals. After reviewing the website, marketing strategy, and the competitive landscape in their industry WMD put together a list of work that needed to be done for the website for search engine optimization (SEO) and a strategy for the Google Ads. The goal was to position the website to bring more brand recognition, traffic, and online sales with an ad budget that they were comfortable with. WMD started by testing the different Google Ads networks, monitoring, and managing their account closely and adjusting according to the data and behavior of their customers online. 


After three months, online sale has increased 391% with majority of the conversions came from SEO and Google AdWords.